Which is a better country to live in, Australia or Canada?


Canada and Australia are great to live in, they both have significant business and job opportunities, but I will categorize them into several factors that improve each country. Then, you can choose which is better.

 Factors that make each country better to live in


Australia is better by a long shot. It’s rare to see snow in Australia, and even when you do, it’s generally fragile, while in Canada, half your weekend goes shoveling snow out of your personal spaces. Some people may not like heat too much, and it gets bloody hot in some places. But most major cities have mild weather, and only during the extreme peak of summer do you see temperatures like 45°; it mostly hovers around 20–30°, and some cities like Melbourne dip even lower. So if you can make it through 1–2 months of scorching weather, the rest of the time temperature is pretty bearable.


Wages are better in Australia if you’re an entry-level worker. But professional jobs are more readily available in Canada because of the size of the economy in Canada’s south. So this is entirely up to you. Australian wages are much better if you’re in a field like mining, construction, or just doing basic entry-level jobs. But if you’re in areas like IT, getting a job in Australia is tough, while it’s a bit easier in Canada.


Australia is far away from all geopolitical threats. So life is more relaxed. However, while in Canada, American politics is also talked about a lot, and rightly so, as what happens in America will affect Canada as well. So in Canada, you constantly hear people talking about politics, while it is rare in Australia.


Australian cities are much more suburban. You can’t live in Australia without cars. Canada is a bit more diverse in this aspect. There are cities like Vancouver, which are very walkable, while other cities like Toronto are still better than Melbourne or Sydney in terms of walkability. You can live comfortably with a bicycle in major Canadian cities, while a car is a must-have in Australia, except if you can afford inner cities.


For Immigrant

If you’re an immigrant looking to move, then Canada is better. Immigration processes are more accessible, waiting times are short, and getting a permanent residency is easier. In addition, getting into Australia is more accessible because there are many international students/travelers/working holidays, etc. Still, permanent immigration to Australia gets very expensive very soon. Unless you’re an exceptionally highly skilled person with relatively good experience, getting a permanent residency is nearly impossible.


Both are the same (facts might show a few percentage points of difference but not much). Still, the vast majority of immigrants in Australia are on temporary visas.


Both are lovely countries with lots of attractions. Canada is beautiful if you like greenery, mountains, and rivers. Australia is your cup of tea if you want the open sky, flat lands, strange animals, beaches, ocean, etc. Either way, you wouldn’t regret traveling to either of them.

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