What is the cheapest university in Canada for international students at the Masters level?


The cheapest universities to do a Master’s in Canada are The University of Saskatchewan, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, University of Victoria, Canadian Mennonite University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Simon Fraser University, Mount Allison University, etc.

Selecting the cheapest universities in Canada is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable education as an overseas student. The cost of studying in Canada is very affordable and with proper planning, Applicants can make preparations for their studies in any of these Canadian institutions below. 

Below are the number of affordable universities in Canada for international students:

If Canada is a place where you want to pursue your higher education at the most affordable cost, then this article will help you to know more.

  1. The University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

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    The University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in Canada established in 1907, located in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Over the years the University of Saskatchewan has emerged as a well-known research-based university.

Master Tuition fee: $1,264.58 per term.


  1. The Memorial University of Newfoundland


The Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Memorial University of Newfoundland has a large variety of Master’s and Doctorate programs both in-person and online, in the fields of Humanities & Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary Programs, Professional Programs, and Sciences for either bachelor’s program and the master’s program is cheap for international students when compared with other universities in Canada.

Tuition fee: $6,654 (1 Year master), $9,666 (2 Year master)


  1. University of Northern British Columbia (Prince George, British Columbia)


University of Northern British Columbia

The University of Northern British Columbia is a research-intensive university. This University is located in Prince George, British Columbia.

There have the following degree programs which include MBA, MSc, MEd, MEng, MScN, MSW, Graduate Certificates, and Doctorate programs

The university Tuition Fee for a Master of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design is $5,413.33

The minimum fee for the Master’s degree is three full-time tuition fee units.

Tuition Fee Units for Full-Time Ph.D. Students

The full-time Basic Tuition Fee is $2,498.23 for international students.

Fees for Full-time MBA Students

Tuition is $8,489.66, plus $451.01 for the MBA fee per semester. 


  1. The University of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta)


The University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a public research university located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It offers course-based and research-based Master’s and Doctorate degrees in various subjects with over 80 Masters and Doctorate degrees. Specializing in medical and research fields, students a high-quality educational experience that prepares them to get success in their life.

Tuition fee$13,597.32   $25,293 for MBA


  1. Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, British Columbia)


Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is an open research university in British Columbia, Canada, which has over graduate programs in Applied Sciences, Business, Communication, Health Sciences, Art & Technology, Arts & Social Sciences, Education, Environment, and Science.

The university has 3 more campuses in Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver. The Burnaby campus is the main campus and it is home to the central departments of the university.

Undergraduate Tuition fee: $15,887  

Master Tuition fee: $2,026


Other Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students:

  1. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

(Tuition Fees: $4,595 – $28,031)


  1. The King’s University College

(Tuition Fees: $6,541 + International Student Fees of $2,000)


  1. Saint Paul University

(Tuition Fees: $6,600 – $7,033 Per Term)


  1. Universite Sainte-Anne

(Tuition Fees: $8,820 (Average)


  1. Brandon University

 (Located in Brandon, MB)$8, 261.08 per year (for both undergraduate and graduate students).


   11. Canadian Mennonite University

(Located in Winnipeg, MB)
Undergraduate tuition & fees$10,677.75
Graduate tuition & fees$8,693.25


  1. Mount Saint Vincent University 

(Located in Halifax, NS)
Undergraduate tuition & fees (10 courses) $15,711 – $16,082
Graduate tuition & fees $10,975




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