What is an exceptional response to the question “Why do you deserve this scholarship?


Scholarship essays are similar to your resumes for applying for a scholarship. For example tips like having a strong track record of prior accomplishments, you must have Demonstrated examples of strong leadership skills and/or perseverance, the financial need of the applicant is important too, motivation and inspiration, etc.

Every applicant must highlight that they are the best candidate for the job. Your primary focus when working on a scholarship essay should be to impress the scholarship board. They want to see your academic achievements as well as gauge your character.

Awarding a scholarship to someone is making an investment in that person. Try to think about this from the perspective of what you would be looking for if you were on the scholarship selection committee.

While answering this question include how you possess a strong track record of prior accomplishments, the applicant’s ability to verbalize the importance of what the student has already accomplished and wants to accomplish in the future without sounding arrogant


Applicants should note NOT to generalize like, “I wanted to be a blessing and make the world a better place.” Instead, “Our team changed the advertising strategy from A to B, and our donations increased over 200% in one year.” Or you can write a specific story told with vivid details and using descriptive language. NOT generalizations like, “I always try to be a kind person.” Instead, “I was appalled the boys wouldn’t allow student A to sit at their table, so I slid over and patted the empty spot next to me.” While answering these questions


While answering this question include how you Demonstrated strong leadership skills and/or perseverance and also have a clear plan for the future and seem highly likely to achieve future goals,

While answering this question include how you represent the organization awarding the scholarship well as a whole person – dedicated, reliable, kind, humble, well-spoken, etc.

If applicable for the specific scholarship, financial need, or any other qualifiers that are sometimes in play for specific scholarships.

So, how do you stand out from the rest of the competition?

  • Stay true to yourself

Focus the essay on your unique experiences. You might think your life is boring, but some introspection can help you come up with an impressive essay. Also, you can submit the same essay to multiple colleges.

  • Stay on topic

You don’t know how annoying it is to read an off-topic essay. If the prompt demands that you narrate about your upbringing, stick to that subject. Don’t take the reader through your life story if it has nothing to do with the topic.

  • Don’t say generic things in your essay

Professing your love for the institution or the climate in the state will get you nowhere. This information is absolutely irrelevant to the scholarship. Talk about concrete goals and projects on which you are working.

  • Place your medals on the table

Discuss your most impressive academic achievements. Don’t brag; just state the facts. You can also mention your involvement in the community.

  • Submit error-free essays

Board members will not take you seriously if your essay has many grammatical errors. When your essay is fully drafted, go through every line and phrase with a fine-tooth comb until it sounds perfect.

You need to do some soul-searching. As in getaway in the woods and really figure out what you want soul searching.

You mention you need or want this chemical engineering scholarship. But you fail to mention, other than the monetary benefit it would provide you, what would this scholarship do for you. Why do you want to study chemical engineering? Is it simply because that is what your parents want from you or is it what you want? Hence, the need for soul searching.

Once you figure out the why of what you want to study, your answer for the scholarship will become clearer. Whatever you are crazy passionate about will manifest itself—not just in what you say, but how you say it & your facial expressions. Among many other things, you cannot control such as the literal & proverbial spark in your eye.

Passionate people do great things for society. Bill Gates. Rosalind Franklin. Mark Zuckerberg. Michelle Obama. Steve Jobs. Oprah Winfrey. Barack Obama. Ellen Degeneres. Just to name a few.

Make sure you are passionate about this career path & then if you are, let the scholarship committee know. Be open. Be honest. Be genuine. Let that sparkle shine.


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