What are the cheapest and safest countries to live in temporarily?


Albania, Montenegro, Belarus, Serbia, Moldova, Bosnia, Cosco Peru, India, Africa, Vietnam, and Costa Rica are the most reasonably priced and secure places to reside temporarily or permanently. People can live reasonably cheaply and in relative safety in countries like Thailand, South Korea, China, Mexico, and Bulgaria. Bulgaria is your best option if you want something inexpensive yet still in Europe.


Cusco, Peru-

Cusco, Peru will be my first stop; it would be a terrific place to spend some time. If you speak Spanish, it shouldn’t be too difficult to negotiate a room with meals and basic laundry service for $30 per day. It’s safe, the food and services are decent, and it’s quite affordable.

Naturally, Cusco is not as safe as Tokyo, but it costs one-tenth as much, and as long as you don’t flaunt large amounts of cash, you shouldn’t encounter any issues.


Japan will be my second-cheapest and safest destination; I adore it because of how ethnically diverse it is. Compared to other neighboring Asian countries, racial tensions are mild.

Japan has a far more uniform economy. Compared to the United States, there are virtually few income differences.

Do you realize that Japan has a “No Gun” policy? Actually, it’s against the law to carry a knife in your luggage. Or you might simply enter prison. According to several of my pals, owning a gun keeps them safe. However, you are not in a safe environment if you require a gun to feel secure.



It is well worth the travel to visit Vietnam, which is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, fascinating history, and magnificent Buddhist temples and pagodas.
It is located in Southeast Asia, which is bordered to the north by China, west by Laos, and east by Cambodia.
Over the past few years, Vietnam has steadily grown in popularity, and every year, more and more tourists from around the globe visit.
In Vietnam, very violent crimes like kidnapping, murder, etc. are quite uncommon.
In general, if you respect Vietnamese culture and treat the people there with fundamental decency and friendliness, disputes or misunderstandings may be easily avoided.


Africa is one of the cheapest and safe places to live, Africa is home to over 54 countries covering about 12 million square miles, with many of them being reasonably safe compared to other popular ex-pat locations. A popular fallacy is that Africa is nothing more than a vast desert rife with guerrilla warfare, famine, and disease. This could hardly be more untrue. Africa is a diversified continent with vibrant high-tech cities, colossal skyscrapers, stunning seaside properties, world-class colleges, and progressive enclaves with forward-thinking populations.

Africa is a diversified continent with simple boost cities, colossal skyscrapers, stunning seaside properties, world-class colleges, and progressive enclaves with forward-thinking populations.

Countries like Kigali Rwanda, Tangier Morocco,

Victoria Seychelles, Gaborone Botswana, Nairobi Kenya, Windhoek, Namibia, cape town south Africa, Lusaka Zambia, Lagos Nigeria, are great places to visit and live


Amazonia Ecuador’s

The Amazon area of Ecuador is a rather safe place to visit and reside in a nation like Amazonia. In the midst of the woods, you can find friendly tiny communities. Concerning the locals shouldn’t be a concern for you. The only location of the Amazon jungle you should stay away from is along the northern border with Colombia.

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