We compile a list of 2023 funded Scholarships, Graduate training programs, and Provost assistants to study in several countries like the USA, and the UK. Interested Applicants should check for all the details below if they are eligible for this scholarship.

Foundations Program for Young Professionals with Disabilities

The Lime Connect Foundations Program for Young Professionals with Disabilities is intended to provide young professionals the confidence they need to take advantage of their disabilities’ strengths and succeed in the workplace.

Application Deadline:  Not declared.

Type of Scholarship: Professional program for Disabled

Value of scholarshipFully Funded

Eligible country: International countries


Here are three reasons in favor of enrolling in the program:

Create a network and community for young professionals with impairments.
Access to career resources and disability-friendly tactics that advance your professional objectives
Enhance your relationship with your disability as a strength by receiving coaching and mentoring.

In this program, participants will receive:

individual coaching sessions with a career coach
Access to knowledgeable disabled people in leadership positions who can act as mentors
please note that there will be discussions in small groups about vulnerability, strengths, and networking
High-achieving disabled professionals as a community.

The Lime Network membership is a requirement for eligibility

  1. To become a member click HERE)
  2. Applicant should have 1-4 years of professional experience
  3. Have a disability and be a young professional*



  1. Join or sign up for The Lime Network.
  2. For further information, look for the Foundations Program banner or announcement.



Graduate International Merit Scholarship – Spring 2023 and Fall 2023

The University of Memphis offers competitive merit-based scholarships to newly admitted graduate overseas students on a J-1 or F-1 visa who are pursuing degrees. Academic excellence is valued in our campus community. The Graduate International Merit Scholarship provides financial assistance to the most talented foreign students who enroll in state-of-the-art programs run by our esteemed professors. Each scholarship is given for the entire school year (fall and spring semesters only).

Application Deadline: Spring 2023 – January 6, 2023,  Fall 2023 – July 31, 2023

Type of Scholarship: Undergraduate

Value of scholarshipTuition Funded 

Eligible country: International countries


As incoming undergraduate, graduate students must satisfy at least one of the following eligibility requirements:

  1. 310 GRE with a minimum GRE Verbal and Quantitative score of 150 and 2.5 AWA, or a comparable GMAT score.
  2. 3.25 cumulative undergraduate degree GPA equivalent to the United States of America, as determined by a credential evaluation organization (www.naces.org), or a related master’s degree from an institution with accreditation and approval


Award amounts range and pay the price difference between local and international non-Tennessee resident tuition rates. Any other institutional scholarship that covers tuition and fees cannot be paired with this grant.


  1. To be eligible for scholarships, graduate students must continue to enroll in full-time credit hours each fall and spring semester.
  2. Graduate students must also maintain a 3.0 U of M GPA or better each semester.
  3. Each scholarship is given for the entire school year (fall and spring semesters only).
  4. 48–72 hours following the start of the course, the award amount will be updated on a semester basis.
  5. At the end of the spring semester, each student is assessed for future eligibility.

Please Take Note

  1. Permanent residents and/or dual citizens are ineligible for this scholarship.
  2. Only applicants who are entering their first year may apply for the Graduate International Merit Scholarship. Students who are enrolled or continuing their studies are not eligible to apply for this grant.
  3. Student-athletes must abide by NCAA regulations.



Graduate Assistantships and Scholarships

The University of New Haven offers a select number of Provost’s Assistantships and Dean’s Scholarships to various academic departments within each College. All full-time domestic and international master’s students must submit their whole application packet for admission by the cutoff date in order to be considered for a Provost’s Assistantship or a Dean’s Scholarship.

Application Deadline:

Provost’s Assistantship March 1 April 1 October 1 November 1
Dean’s Scholarship March 30 May 1 October 15 November 15

Type of Scholarship: Undergraduate and Mastera

Value of scholarship: Paid and Tuition Funded

Eligible country: International countries


For  Provost Assistantship

For new full-time domestic and foreign master’s students enrolling at the University of New Haven, this highly competitive program offers two kinds of work possibilities. A Provost’s Assistantship is available to our most talented new graduate students. Students chosen for a position in this program will work for an academic department for up to 15-20 hours per week (550 total hours per academic year). In exchange, students will get:

  1. For the duration of their graduate program, an opportunity for experiential learning and employment.
  2. 75% of the cost of tuition
  3. Pay per hour

Types of Provost’s Assistantships

Research Assistantship

Students will assist in research that is being conducted under the direction of academic members, either on their own or for an administrative office that relates to their subject of study.

Classroom Assistantship

Among the duties, there may be grading papers, Creating, running, and tutoring undergraduate students’ laboratories. Department-specific duties will differ.

Program for Dean’s Scholarships

The Dean’s Scholarship is awarded to full-time domestic and international master’s students who have demonstrated academic merit after a rigorous evaluation of their application materials. The program offers students attending the University of New Haven up to 50% of tuition aid.






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